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Remedy Road

EP "Take a Chance" released!

Our EP Take a Chance has been released on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music!

Promo video "Take a Chance"


Performance Kings day 2022 Kloetinge | Mary Remijnse


Four high school friends from Goes, Jeroen van Zee (keys/guitar), Peter Kok (bass), Marcel Allewijn (drums), and Rob Commandeur (vocals/guitar), formed the blues band The Remedy in 2015. They started as a blues formation, playing their own versions of songs by blues artists such as Philip Sayce, Kenny Wayne Shepard, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Soon, they began performing at the so-called "Blues Routes" in Goes, Bergen op Zoom, Terneuzen, Vlissingen, and Middelburg. After a while, they received their first bookings for festivals like the "Drive-in Blues Giethoorn," Indoor Kwadendamme Blues Festival, and Blommenkinderfestival Roosendaal.

The band then decided to start writing their own songs, but this was a lengthy process due to the ongoing performances. During the "Corona time," there was a strong focus on finishing the EP. During this period, drummer Marcel Allewijn distanced himself from the band, and new drummer Sander Elderkamp (known from The Blue Clay and CC Jerome, among others) joined. This resulted in the release of the EP 'Take a Chance' in 2023, featuring five original songs (available for listening on Spotify). This release led to the band changing its name to Remedy Road. The EP marks the beginning of a long road to healing. In 2022, the songs were performed as a try-out at the Outdoor Kwadendamme Blues Festival.

Band members

Rob Commandeur

Frontman – Lead vocals – Lead guitar

Rob is the founder and frontman of the group. He is a born entertainer with passion and enthusiasm. With his dark blues voice and inimitable guitar solos, he goes all in at every gig. Rob plays an important role in creating new ideas when it comes to songwriting.

Rob Commandeur: Frontman - Lead vocals - Lead guitar (by Inglorious Fiction)

Jeroen van Zee

Hammond – Keys – Rhythm Guitar

Jeroen is the multi-talent of the band. Next to a swinging rock n' roll piano, he blasts steamy Hammond sounds right off the stage. When the timing feels right, he steps from behind his keys to play dirty blues licks on his Telecaster. The explosion of energy that arises when he is on stage with Rob, creates a connection with the audience. Jeroen always strives for perfection.

Jeroen van Zee: Hammond – Keys – Rhythm Guitar (by Inglorious Fiction)

Peter Kok

Bass guitar – Backing vocals
Peter Kok: Bass – Backing vocals (by Inglorious Fiction)

Peter makes Remedy Road groove like hell. He has the best musical ability in the band when it comes to musical pitch. Give Peter a melody line and he will play it within 3 seconds. In addition to his groovy bass lines, Peter provides the backing vocals and adds beautiful harmonies. In collaboration with Sander, he ensures that the rhythm section is as solid as a rock.

Sander Elderkamp

Sander Elderkamp: Drums – Backing vocals (by Inglorious Fiction)

Sander is the driving force of the band and never leaves the stages without a completely drenched shirt. With his professional career in music, he takes the band to a higher level when needed. Next to this, he plays an important role in the writing process through unexpected angles and ideas.